Collection: First Edition 'Unlock the Magic' Collection

Welcome to the inaugural collection of My Forever Tooth Fairy! Each piece in our first edition range is a collectible item, marked as one of only a limited edition of stock. So get them, while you can. Excitingly, our girl edition will be open for pre-order in May, followed by the boy edition in June. Over the coming months, we will be expanding our range to include multiple ethnicities, continually enriching our diverse collection of fairies.

Please bear with us as we continue to add new fairies to the range. We commit to exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design for each fairy, ensuring we never compromise on quality. Production will take the time necessary to meet our high standards of excellence.

We also have lots more enchanting products in the works! Interested in joining us on our magical journey?

Click [here] to become an honorary member of our Fairy Council. As a member, you'll receive exclusive updates on new product launches, enjoy special rewards, and get sneak peeks of upcoming products, allowing you to provide valuable feedback and help shape our future.

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