It's Time to Unlock the Magic

Our Magical Countdown has begun!

Join us in Avalon, home of the Forever Tooth Fairies. A magical world, powered by children, who are known by the Forever Tooth Fairies to be the most magical creatures of all.

In our story your little loved one will learn that with each tooth they lose they bestow a magical super power on their own Forever Tooth Fairy.

Prepare to be enchanted by our lovingly crafted gift set, sure to become a cherished childhood keepsake. Don’t miss out on our inaugural 'First Edition' collection, available to pre-order very soon.

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Magical Memories

A Gift to Treasure

We've set out to reimagine and enhance the tooth fairy tradition turning it into a magical and meaningful experience for both parents/caregivers and children. Every element of this gift, from the beautiful plush fairy doll to the enchanting book, tooth tote and dis'play' case, has been crafted with a profound amount of love and attention to detail and we can't wait to share it with you all.

Every Fairy Tale Starts With You!

Our Magical Tale

Every child is the hero of their own Forever Tooth Fairy Story, as they learn that they, like all children, possess inherent magic, and when they lose a tooth, they bestow a unique super power upon their Forever Tooth Fairy. These superpowers, such as love, confidence, and kindness, are then spread by their Forever Tooth Fairy across the world.  

Every Child is Magical

'My Forever Tooth Fairy' is not just about maximising the magic of this childhood tradition; it's about instilling self-esteem, nurturing confidence, and sparking joy and imagination in every child's life.

Our message is simple; the magic is you.